A well-organised incentive programme will easily inspire and encourage participants and leave them with memories they will cherish and stories they will tell long after the programme has finished.

Incentive programmes in Croatia and the region must shine with the creativity, love, and passion we feel about those destinations. Each incentive offer is connected to the culture and tradition of the region in which it is planned and it represents the beauty of the destination through experience, historical facts, legends, and the way of life of that area.

Meet the members of our team, see their expertise for yourself, enjoy their love for what they do.

Why choose our team to be your partner in organisation?

  • Expertise in project management
  • Detailed planning of each event, control of finances, submitting a report to the client, regular communication with clients, professional work and communication
  • Custom-made projects according to client’s demands
  • Partner relationship with clients
  • Cooperation, open communication, trust and respect, which guarantee pleasure
  • Creativity and using the latest technologies
  • Saving money and time for our clients
  • The ability to solve all unexpected situations with the best possible outcome